Waste Pallet Management

Waste pallet management

Many businesses have a ton of logistic company in sydney that is filled to the brim with broken or questionable pallets, costing a business perhaps $100 per square meter in space they could use in a better fashion.

Call Metro Trucking and we will pick up those questionable pallets. Once we pick them up, using our partners, the Pallet Man, we will carefully sort through each pallet.

And many pallets can be easily repaired, saving you up to 50 percent or more than by being new. This is a big saving and if you are used to being new pallets, you’ll be surprised how effective our pallet repair service is.

Pallet pick up

Many construction companies in particular, are surprised to find that they have a sizeable amount of pallets that they need, sitting empty at some construction site.

We will happily pick these pallets up, with our pallet pick-up service, and if you like, we will also check out each pallet for their condition before returning them to you.

Waste management of pallets

You will be pleasantly surprised at how often we can repair a pallet, but for those who are unrepairable, we will retrieve as much of the pallet as possible for other repairs, and what is left over will be woodchipped.

These woodchippings reduce your carbon footprint, and in some cases can be sold to gardening supply companies for yards.

Long before they are scheduled to arrive, the truck will be thoroughly checked out by our drivers to see the truck is fit for duty or to care of a replacement.

You can actually set your watch that your driver will be on time, and if you like, you can track the truck’s arrival by GPS.

We have a huge variety of trucks, and every driver is thoroughly checked out on all phases of delivery. And we have a huge staff of professionals via phone that can answer every one of your transport services needs.

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