What Makes a Good Website?


We believe that this belongs right up the top. Content is the top priority – if your site doesn’t convey information about your organisation useful to the people you are aiming for then it is simply a work of art, and is unlikely to achieve the goals you have set for your site.


At Oaklands Design we are happy to provide guidance to content creators on structuring content for your website and we are experienced in editing text into a web-appropriate format.



You site needs to be easy to get around. Organising the content and layout of the site and providing clear and intuitive navigational aids is essential. We will provide a clear, straightforward structure to your site that will enable the user to move easily through it and find information easily. Individual pages must be consistent so that a user feels comfortable and in control.


The web is accessed by millions of people around the world. You may not be attempting to reach all of them, but even the smallest group of people will be using a variety of different computers, browsers, operating systems and screen sizes – your site has to work for all of these variables.



It is very easy and inexpensive to put a bad looking site online. Your site needs to look professional, or it may be dismissed out of hand. Overuse of colours and images will detract from what you are trying to achieve. Just because you can use 6 animations doesn’t necessarily mean that you should.


The images on your site should not be pure decoration – they should enhance or reinforce the business or organisation’s purpose and function.



Your website will either define or reinforce your brand. Strong branding means your customers feel comfortable with you and trust you, which creates sales.



Your site must be able to be found by customers who have never heard of you. This means that your site must be listed in the major search engines as high up in the rankings as possible. Oaklands Design will create a website that includes search engine optimisation information necessary for search engines to find you.