Websites & Content Management Systems

pearWhich one to go for?

The online world is galloping along at a million miles an hour and it’s hard work to keep up!! You’ve probably heard the words Content Management System (CMS) when talking about websites and wondered what an earth they are.

Basically a Content Management System is a “website that can be edited and updated by someone who has no knowledge of website development” so it could be compared to owning and driving a car – even though you don’t know how it was built or how to mend it if it goes wrong,  you do know how to drive it, fill it up with petrol of pump up the tyres.. you can do the simple stuff but it’s off to the mechanic for the more complicated stuff!

Not so long ago editing your own website meant going back to the developer… any changes had to be done by them which is fine if you only have 2 changes a year… but if you need to make regular updates and would like to take ownership of that yourself a Content Managment System is the best way to go.

Read on to see the benefits of both CMS sites and non-CMS sites…