limeWe offer all aspects of graphic design whether it’s for your company logo and branding or designing for your website. Let us know what you need and we’ll see what we can do.

Often one of the first items on the agenda for new small businesses is is to get their website up and running – at this stage they might not have any company branding or logo so we get involved in this at the same time as looking after their online requirements.

Once the visual branding of the business is set we can roll this out to the website and then onto other marketing items such as business cards, microsoft office templates and so on.

We can get as involved as you like – some clients just want their website designed and then go elsewhere for the development of the code and we’re happy to provide the design layouts and files for this.

Projects we’ve been involved with;

  • Corporate ID and branding design
  • Stationery design & printing; business cards, folders, ‘with comps slips and so on
  • Working diagrams for websites, brochures and reports
  • Poster and banner design and production
  • Icon and app design for mobile phones and tablets
  • Book cover design and production
  • Wedding and party invitations design and production