Headland Montessori
Pre School – Manly

Headland Montessori is a pre school that incorporates the Montessori educational system into it’s syllabus. It sits within the beautiful North Harbour Sanctuary near the Manly Quarantine Centre and so is surrounded by bush and wildlife. The peace and serenity of the centre’s environment works in perfect harmony with the motto of the Montessori system;

“The child should live in an environment of beauty.” – Maria Montessori

We were given the job of creating the Corporate ID and other marketing material, and designing and developing the main website.

Corporate ID

As the pre school is situated in the beautiful North Head Sanctuary in Manly one of our inspirations was the world of nature on it’s doorstep.

Together with the child-centred idea that underlines the Montessori system  it seemed obvious to use nature and the gum leaves as a starting point for the corporate branding. The shape and colours of the leaves lends perfectly to the feeling of relaxation and calmess.

Along with this the variety of shape and size in leaves reflects perfectly the variations in size, character and personality of children.

Website Design & Development

The website design followed the branding and colours set from the Corporate ID. Images of children engaged with Montessori activities and photos of nature in the Northern beaches allowed us to present a website design that is calm and easy to enjoy.

The site uses the Forkie CMS system which allows for internal editing and management and the owners can choose to do as much or as little to the site as they please.

A calendar plugin allows for Open Days and activities to be seen by parents so they can use the site as a tool for keeping current with the pre school.


We carried the logo, colours and feeling of calmness across into the printed material used by Headland Montessori; business cards, prospectus folders and Word templates

The tagline ‘Love, Respect, Engage, Inspire’ is used sparingly along with watermark versions of the logo.

Photos of the children are used in a minimal way so the overall look is kept simple and clean.

Banner for Open Day

We recently designed the artwork to be printed on a large plastic banner advertising an upcoming Open Day for the pre school.

Nature’s Energy
Natural Therapies & Day Spa Centres

Nature’s Energy offers a wide variety of natural therapies including massage, natural beauty, acupuncture, organic hair services, hydrotherapies and more.

They have 3 Day Spa centres: in Balmain, Newtown and Glebe.

Nature’s Energy also has a retail section where the focus is on selling body and skin care products that are based on natural ingredients that are paraben-free and sulphate-free.

Weekly Beauty Specials

Weekly Specials were sent out via email, Facebook and on the company website. Each week would feature a different beauty service or therapy.

Point-of-Sale Posters

A1 and A2 posters were created and printed for in-store POS Monthly Specials and promotions such as Christmas, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day.

Images were also created for posting on Facebook, Website and email promotions.

Therapies and Beauty Services Brochure

This brochure was put together in Corel Draw with imagery created in Photoshop.