Choosing a Domain Name

I often get asked for help from companies who are trying to decide on their website domain name and it’s very difficult to give a straightforward answer. There are so many domain names already registered that often the name you’re thinking of is already taken.

Below are listed 6 tips for choosing a domain for your company to help you sort through the endless possibilities out there.

Think outside the Square

Brainstorm various names and words before you start searching. Think of words that are connected with your product or service and see how they sit together such as a plumber … think of plumbing related terms rather than just the plumber’s name… such as water, drains, pipes, wet, blue etc

Keep it as Short as Possible

Of course this would have been much easier 20 years ago when there were relatively few domains registered! Although it’s now hard to pick up the short names it’s worth bearing in mind that short is SO much better than long.  Short names are easier to type – being a wonderful example.. and fit on a business card better.

Make it Easy to Remember

How often have you sat in a traffic jam and watched tradesmen’s’ utes or flower delivery vans drive by with their company details plastered to the vehicle and thought ‘I must remember that website address’ and then once sitting in front of your computer find you’ve completely forgotten it? A snappy, short domain will make the job much easier.

Make it Easy to Type

Avoid using numbers, hyphens (-) dots (.) or other symbols like this as they’re difficult to remember and often confusing to give out verbally; is it ‘2’ or ‘two’ or ‘too’ or even ‘to’?

Make the Domain Unique

There are plenty of electricians, florists and lawyers out there so it’s hard to stand out from the crowd if you’re in a competitive business.  Try to choose a name that is unique and avoid making yourself sound like a competitor by pluralising or miss-spelling their name as a potential customer may well end up at their site instead of yours. Try to be as unique as possible but still be connected to your industry.

Should I get .com or

As we’re in Australia you definitely need the version of your domain name. I always advise client’s to get the .com version too as it’s simple to park that and redirect people to the main domain. This way you can catch anyone who just puts in .com by accident. The same goes for Domain names are so cheap now that it’s worth buying up a few.